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Employees’ perceptions of organisational justice at Outworx (International Call Centre), Umhlanga Ridge.

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Fairness in a workplace is imperative in ensuring a workforce that is engaged and ultimately a productive team (Colell, 2001). Often management disregard their subordinates and do not follow fair, regulated processes in disciplinary hearings and promotions (Van der Bank, Engelbrecht and Struimpher, 2008). This study investigated the perceptions of fairness at different levels within Outworx. Once the study was completed and a definite result was determined, recommendations were made on different strategies that Outworx could implement in order to maintain fair processes and organisational justice. Outworx is an international outsourcing Call Centre based in Umhlanga Ridge. Clients based in the UK outsource contact centre work to Outworx. The Client is the main source of income and profit for the business. Qualitative research design was the approach used in determining the employees’ perceptions. The research was completed in two phases. Phase one involved data collection, where questionnaires and staff forums (focus groups) were the research tools used to gather data. All information was collected anonymously and confidentiality was maintained throughout the study. Phase two involved the analysis of the data and this provided recommendations to Outworx on how to improve areas of organisational justice around disciplinary proceedings and promotions. It was found that gaps exist in all areas of organisational justice at Outworx. There are more concerns around the employees’ perceptions of promotions in the workplace than around disciplinary action. Realistic recommendations to ensure a positive change in perceptions were made, starting with the employment contract and also focusing on changing the management’s approach. Organisational justice produces positive outputs for both the employer and employee. Some of the results of organisational justice include employee engagement, improved job performance and reduced conflict in the workplace. Outworx should consider implementing the recommendations suggested in order to achieve organisational justice and to maintain the slogan, ‘The People’s Call Centre’.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.