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Ubuciko bokwethiwa kwamagama abalingiswa emanovelini abhalwa ngemuva konyaka wezi- 2000: kubhekwa ukwethulwa kwabalingiswa ukuthi kuyafana nokwetha jikelele.

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According to the context of South Africa, a personal name carries a lot of information that speaks to its naming. A personal name carries an identity and a character of the name carrier but other races view personal names as a label that helps to categorise people accordingly. The study of personal names is called ‘Anthroponomy’ and it is regarded as a branch of ‘Onomastics’. The Anthroponomy deals with the study of personal names as opposed to other names. This research aims to discuss names given to characters who are the representation of real people with an aim examine whether naming of characters (in novels) match the naming of people in real life. The critical question of this research is that of looking whether writers do consider the importance of naming as a whole when they are naming their characters and that do they consider the importance of the meaning of those names and the naming shifts in the practice of personal names. This is done by the comparing of meanings of names given to characters (in conjunction with their novelic lives) with the meaning of a name given to a real person in the real world and also the issue of shift and continuities in the naming ptactice. The Socio-Onomastic theory and the literary onomastics theory have been applied to this research with an aim of supporting the objectives of this research. The names used in this research are for: Amasokisi, Ngizigwaze Ngowami and Ngiyabonga novels.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu- Natal, Durban.