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A review of the old world genera of Lauxaniidae (Diptera)

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This paper presents in key form a review of the Old World genera of Lauxaniidae. Thirteen new genera are erected, three genera are placed in synonymy, four subgenera are given generic status, and one genus is transferred from the Heleomyzidae. The development of lauxaniid generic classification is reviewed and a total of 126 recognised genera is obtained. An account is given of the regional distribution of Lauxaniidae; three main faunal aggregates are distinguished, namely the Neotropical, Holarctic and Old World tropical. The validity of certain characters for generic classification is discussed, and the suggestion is made that trigonometopine forms have evolved polyphyletically as adaptations for life in grass and comparable vegetation types. A division of the family into major groups of genera is considered, and a subfamily Homoneurinae is established. The validity of characters used to distinguish Cestrotus and Turriger is examined; a failure to find reliable characters results in the synonymy of the latter genus. Illustrated descriptions are given of the type-species of new genera.


Thesis (Ph.D.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 1971.


Diptera., Theses--Botany.