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The effectiveness of the Code of Good Practice in handling the occurrences of sexual harassment in a selected South African Higher Education Institution.

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The study, which examined the effectiveness of the Code of Good Practice in handling sexual harassment in the selected higher education institution (mI), had three main objectives: to ascertain the main provisions of the Code of Good Practice in handling sexual harassment, determine the level of awareness among staff of the existence of the Code of Good Practice and to understand how the policy deals with preventing the occurrence of sexual harassment in the HEI. Participants in the study included male and female academic and support staff of the HEI. Interviews were conducted with senior human resource managers and a questionnaire was distributed to the other staff. Thematic analysis was used in analysing participants' understanding and knowledge of the Code of Good Practice in handling of sexual harassment. It was found that participants had little knowledge of the role of the Code of Good Practice in handling sexual harassment. Many felt that training programmes should be implemented to enable them to gain knowledge and awareness of their rights regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. Further, the study revealed why sexual harassment is an issue in the workplace; information concerning the Code communicated to staff is inadequate. Based on the study, recommendations were made to initiate interventions aimed at minimising the incidence of sexual harassment at the FIEI. These include: training and educational programmes for staff, distribution of the Code of Good Practice to all employees, formulation of a clear policy on sexual harassment that is proactive and has preventative measures and the issuing by the IIEI of a zero tolerance policy statement on sexual harassment.


Master of Commerce in Administration. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 2016.


Sexual harassment - SA., Sexual harassment in Universities and Colleges - SA., Sexual harassment - SA - Prevention., Theses - Public Administration.