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Christian organisation effectiveness in resolving HIV/AIDS related conflicts : a case of faith-based organisations in Bulawayo.

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The study aims to understand the response of Christian AIDS organisations to HIV/AIDS related conflicts in Bulawayo-Zimbabwe. Many criticisms have been levelled against these organisations mainly because of their delayed, uninformed and reluctant response to HIV/AIDS issues. The intent of this research is not to criticize but to improve the effectiveness of organisations in responding to conflicts related to HIV/AIDS by suggesting possible responses or interventions. Building on conflict resolution theories, the research tried to explore the issues of HIV/AIDS motivated conflict, explain their causes, their form and nature and identified them among the people living with HIV/AIDS in Bulawayo using the focus group technique. Data was also collected from support group supervisors and organisations. The results suggest that there is a possible link between HIV/AIDS and interpersonal conflict and that HIV/AIDS conflict do occur in Bulawayo and they take many forms. People living with HIV/AIDS are the most affected because they suffer from both the disease and the damage to relationships. It still needs to be proved how destabilisation of relationships contributes to the spread of HIV/AIDS in Bulawayo. The results also suggest that there is no formidable response by organisations to HIV/AIDS related conflicts because they refer cases to other institutions. The paper also identifies many issues hindering the resolution of conflicts and some of them include: lack of knowledge on resolution, lack of awareness and lack of relevant skills among many. The study suggests that conflict resolution should be mainstreamed into HIV/AIDS intervention measures in of Faith-based organisations in Bulawayo. However, awareness and further studies of HIV/AIDS related conflicts are needed if meaningful intervention is to be achieved.


Thesis (M.Com.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville, 2009.


AIDS (Disease)--Social aspects--Zimbabwe., Theses--Conflict resolution and peace studies.