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Realistic charged stellar models

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In this thesis we seek exact solutions to the isotropic Einstien-Maxwell system that model the interior of relativistic stars. The field equations are transformed to a simpler form using the transformation of Durgapal and Bannerji (1983); the integration of the system is reduced to solving the condition of pressure isotropy. This condition is a recurrence relation with variable rational coe±cients which can be solved in general. New classes of solutions of linearly independent functions are obtained in terms of special functions and elementary functions for different spatial geometries. Our results contain models found previously including the superdense Tikekar (1990) neutron star model, the uncharged isotropic Maharaj and Leach (1996) solutions, the Finch and Skea (1989) model and the Durgapal and Bannerji (1983) superdense neutron star. Our general class of solutions also contain charged relativistic spheres found previously, including the model of Hansraj and Maharaj (2006) and the model of Thirukkanesh and Maharaj (2006). In addition, two exact analytical solutions describing the interior of a charged strange quark star are obtained by applying the MIT bag equation of state. We regain the Mak and Harko (2004) solution for a charged quark star as a special case.


Thesis (Ph. D.) University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville, 2007.


Symmetric spaces., General relativity (Physics), Theses--Mathematics.