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An assessment of integrated development planning in Mtubatuba Local Municipality with particular reference to the Somkhele rural area.

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This study explored the development and implementation of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) in the Somkhele rural area, in Mtubatuba Local Municipality. The study employed the qualitative research approach to collect the necessary data for the study. Secondary data sourced from books, peer-reviewed articles, legislation, policy documents, conference papers, government and municipal reports were used for this study. To acquire data, the researcher used semi structured interview schedules. Data was collected from two municipal officials, two local councillors, two Headmen (Izinduna) and nine community members. Purposive and snowball sampling was used in selecting the study participants. Thematic analysis was used to analyse the data collected. Particular attention was paid to how IDP programmes and projects were identified, implemented, and managed. The criteria used to decide on important projects, and the factors that aid or delay the effective implementation of the IDPs were assessed. This enabled the study to reveal achievements and shortcomings that are the outcome of the implementation of the IDP in Somkhele under the Mtubatuba Local Municipality. Results from the study corroborate the literature that states that IDPs are essential strategic instruments used to tackle societal, economic, and developmental challenges within municipalities. However, the study results also highlighted inadequate and at times miscommunication between the Municipality and the public about the IDP processes and procedures. Results indicate that the public had very limited roles in determining and implementing significant IDP projects. The study recommended that the Mtubatuba Local Municipality should strongly implement and conduct IDP and LED relevant projects as well as programmes. This will create employment opportunities and economic development in the area. Mtubatuba Local Municipality should carry out awareness campaigns in local communities to enhance their involvement, knowledge of the IDP and understanding of budgetary processes. Communities who have a thorough awareness of these methods are far more likely to contribute well-informed comments throughout their participation stages


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.