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Quantitative determination of fumonisin B1 in biological material.

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The mycotoxin, fumonisin B1 is produced by the mould Fusarium moniliforme, a common contaminant of maize and maize products. Small doses (mg/kg) of ingested fumonisin B1 have been shown to cause diseases and even death in animals, including non-human primates. Thus highly sensitive methods have been employed to detect fumonisin B1 presence in foods, feeds and in animals. This study comprised two parts.The initial part focused on establishing reliable extraction, purification and quantitation of fumonisin B1 using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) on culture extracts. The second part was to analyse sera of Black African women with pre-eclampsia for the presence of fumonisin B1 using HPLC. Maize patty cultures and broth cultures were inoculated with Fusarium moniliforme PPRI 1059 and incubated. Fumonisin B1 was extracted and purified by centrifugation strong anion exchange chromatography (SAX). Eluents from SAX cartridges were analysed using Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) and fluorescence HPLC after o-phythadialdehyde (OPA) derivatisation. Fumonisin B1 standards on HPLC gave a retention time of 7.5 minutes using methanol/0.1 M sodium dihydrogen phosphate (68 + 32, pH 3.3) as mobile phase and a 25 cm C8 column. Patty cultures produced the highest yields of fumonisin B1. In the case of serum samples, a double-blind study was carried out using women attending the obstetric clinic at a large city teaching hospital. The population comprised normal, pre-eclamptic and eclamptic women. On HPLC analysis a significantly higher mean concentration of fumonisin B1 concentration was found in the eclamptic group (P<0,005) as compared to the other two groups.Thus fumonisin B1 may have a role to play in eclampsia for which the aetiology is still unknown.


Thesis (M.Med.Sc.)-University of Natal, 1999.


Fumonisins--Toxicology., Fused salts., Mycotoxins., Theses--Human physiology.