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A comparative study of short stories by W.M.B. Mkhize and M.J. Mngadi with special reference to exposition, characterisation, style and themes.

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This dissertation makes an investigation of two short story collections by the pioneering IsiZulu writers in this genre, W M B Mkhize and M J Mngadi with particular reference to exposition, characterisation, style and themes. The theoretical framework that has been used has been mainly the structuralist approach though others such as historical biographical and moral philosophical, Marxist or formalism and new criticism have also been used. This study consists of six chapters; the first chapter serves as the general introduction to the whole dissertation. The authors' biographical sketches have been given. The discussion of the methodology, definition of the important concepts, parallel works in isiZulu short stories, the chapter outline, theoretical framework and the conclusion make up the rest of the chapter. Chapter 2 focuses on exposition. Different kinds of expositions as used by authors have been dealt with and the effects they have on the readers. The different expositions have been discussed as the authors use them. These include the variety of dialogues and monologues. The others are character, event and nature type of expositions. Chapter 3 deals with characterisation. Naming, plausibility of characters, different kinds of characters and the educative value they have on the readers has been studied. Major and minor characters have been discussed in this chapter. Chapter 4 concerns itself with style. This includes diction, phrases and sentences, the use of proverbs and figures of speech have been analysed. Precise word selection and symbolism have been investigated in the authors' works. Chapter 5 in this research has to do with themes. The study of themes as covered by authors has been covered. The research has confined itself to general, specific and presentation of themes as the serious concern of writers in sending messages to the readers. Chapter 6 deals with general conclusion. It has finalised the evaluation and given the final overview and conclusion. Lastly it has given suggestions for some further research on the study of Mkhize and Mngadi's short stories.


Thesis (M.A.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2003.


Mngadi, Matthews Jabulani, 1949-, Short stories, Zulu., Short stories--History and criticism., Mkhize, Wiseman Qhawelenkosi Bishop, 1930-1986., Theses--IsiZulu.