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Geography undergraduate students’ experiences of using modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment in higher education.

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Technology has been adopted by various higher education institutions globally and locally to support teaching and learning. Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle) is one of the Learning Management Systems (LMSs) that is a popular choice among higher education institutions. Moodle provides an online teaching and learning environment that supports students in their courses. Many students have, however, been experienced challenges in adopting the LMSs due to insufficient training and lack of computer skills in developing countries. This study, therefore, sought to explore Geography students’ experiences of using Moodle in Higher Education. The study drew from the Activity theory. The study adopted a qualitative research method and followed a case study methodology. The participants in this study were Geography Education students at the University KwaZulu Natal- Edgewood Campus. The study applied qualitative data generation methods in the use of semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions. The findings from the study indicated that Moodle was convenient, time-saving and enhanced communication between lecturers and students. However, the students revealed that usage of Moodle was affected by lack of training. From the findings, this study recommends regular training for students on the use of Moodle and electricity backup arrangements during load shedding.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.