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Optimal placement of statcom controllers with metaheuristic algorithms for network power loss reduction and voltage profile deviation minimization.

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Transmission system is a series of interconnected lines that enable the bulk movement of electrical power from a generating station to an electrical substation. This system suffers from unavoidable power losses and consequently voltage profile deviation which affects the overall efficiency of the system; hence the need to reduce these losses and voltage magnitude deviations. The existing methods of incorporation of static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) controllers to solve these problems suffer from incorrect location and sizing, which could bring about insignificant reduction in transmission network losses and voltage magnitude deviations. Hence, this research aims to reduce transmission network losses and voltage magnitude deviation in transmission network by suitable allocation of STATCOM controller using firefly algorithm (FA) and particle swarm optimization (PSO). A mathematical steady-state STATCOM power injection model was formulated from one voltage source representation to generate new set of equations, which was incorporated into the Newton-Raphson (NR) load flow solution algorithm and then optimized using PSO and FA. The approach was applied to IEEE 14-bus network and simulations were performed using MATLAB program. The results showed that the best STATCOM controller locations in the system after optimization were at bus 11 and 9 with the injection of shunt reactive power of 8.96 MVAr, and 9.54 MVAr with PSO and FA, respectively. The total active power loss for the network under consideration at steady state, with STATCOM only and STATCOM controller optimized using PSO and FA, were 6.251 MW, 6.075 MW, 5.819 MW and 5.581 MW, respectively. The corresponding reactive power were 14.256 MVAr, 13.857 MVAr, 12.954 MVAr and 12.156 MVAr, respectively. In addition, bus voltage profile improvement indicates the effectiveness of metaheuristic methods of STATCOM optimization. However, FA gave a better power loss and voltage magnitude deviations minimizations over PSO. The study concluded that FA is more effective as an optimization technique for suitably locating and sizing of STATCOM controller on a power transmission system.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.