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An examination of non-profit organisation response to human trafficking : the case study of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Province.

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It is difficult to deny that human trafficking has received an increased international attention over the years, South African is no exception, the citizens of this country are daily affected and experiencing daily occurrences of human trafficking in their shores, however, this still remains an international phenomenon, affecting a greater portion of the world. It is no secret that various criminal activities occur around the globe, however, this dissertation focuses of response to human by the NPO as a transnational issue affecting different age and race groups. In response to this crime, the South African nation is collectively doing its best to eradicate the continuous prevalence of human trafficking for different reasons; the elite government is also working tirelessly to eliminate underreporting of this scourge. To this end, individuals nor victims of this crime are living in fear and currently looking at available relevant stakeholder, such as Non-Government Organisations / Non-Profit Organisations (NGOs/NPOs), Umngeni Community Empowerment Centre (UCEC) included. This study mainly focused on examining the responses of NPOs to human trafficking in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). This was achieved by acquiring valuable knowledge, perceptions and opinions, among others on this practice. Thus, this study adopted a qualitative research approach. the NPO, UCEC was chosen as the object of this study and this study was consisted of 12 elected participants, with simple random sampling adopted in the selection process and face-to-face semi-structured interviews were applied to solicit the responses of these participants human trafficking in Durban, KZN Province. This study found that not only trafficking exist in international countries, it also found it breath in South African soil, Durban as well. It was also revealed that this crime is not epidemic to specific areas of KZN Province, however, it colours are spreading across the entire province. The examined organisation for this study also confirms that they employing effective strategies to minimise further occurrence of trafficking in Durban policing area with limited resources on their disposal. In terms of responding to human trafficking cases they work with stakeholders whom assists them manage the influx number of cases to ensure justice and assistance is offered to those in need. For recommendations; this study provides that the to minimise the occurrences of human trafficking in Durban, KZN Province, more collaborative efforts needs to be put in place. More resources and improved technology are also required for related cases to be addressed and responded upon effectively by the responsible NPOs in South Africa in general and KZN Province specifically (UCEC).


Master of Social Science in Criminology and Forensic Studies. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2018.


Theses - Criminology and Forensic Studies.