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The interface between local government and traditional authority: exploring infrastructure development in Mbizana Local Municipality.

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The purpose of this study was to examine the Interface between Local Government and Traditional Authority in relation to exploring infrastructure development in Mbizana Local Municipality. The literature reviewed in this study revealed the vagueness and complex relationship between Mbizana Local Municipality and the Local House of Traditional leaders, and how these institutions should function together in rural public service delivery. The study was couched in the constructivist paradigm that adopted qualitative research methods. A purposive sampling technique was used in this study to identify participants from traditional leaders deployed in both district and local municipality councils, the councillors as political oversight and the administration of Mbizana Local Municipality. This selection was motivated by the intimate knowledge these participants potentially possessed with regards to their roles in rural public service delivery. Furthermore, the purposive sampling techniques enabled the researcher to analyse the roles played by traditional leaders, councillors, and management in rural service delivery. The findings of the study provided a deeper insight into the role of traditional leadership in infrastructural development in Mbizana Local Municipality. The findings revealed further that traditional leaders enjoy good relations with Mbizana Local Municipality although more could be done to enhance consultation and communication with some ward councillors who often leave traditional leaders behind when it comes to service delivery matters. The study concludes that the communication strategies between Traditional Leaders and Mbizana Local Municipality must be improved to ensure that information regarding service delivery reached the community. The researcher recommends that Mbizana Local Municipality and the House of Traditional Leaders should each execute their duties without interference in the work of the other although their relationship should be complementary with regards to rural service delivery.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.