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A study of the influence of gangsta rap on grade 11 male learners in a secondary school in Chatsworth.

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This research was an investigation into the influence of Gangsta Rap on Grade 11 students at a secondary school. This is an ethnographic study that is based on a hypothesis stemming from my personal observations, spanning a number of years, of especially male learners in this learning community. The study identified contextual factors which facilitated identity and entry into Gangsta Rap culture and collated data through semi structured interviews as well as respondents replies on a Likert scale. Patterns were subsequently identified and analysis drawn and contextualised within the literature and resources available on Gangsta Rap. It was found that Gangsta Rap reflected the experiences in this stressed socio economic community and expressed the material frustrations and desires of many in the sample group. Moreover, Gangsta Rap was identified as a potentially valuable and authentic teaching and learning resource that needs to be exploited.


M. Ed. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 2013.


Language and education--KwaZulu-Natal., Music--Instruction and study., Music--Social aspects., Theses--Education.