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Evaluation of community participation in Sihlanzimvelo stream cleaning project: case study of pink Sihlanzimvelo project.

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The concept of Community Participation (CP) has become widely adopted internationally, nationally and locally through policy framework as a critical component of managing, protecting and conserving water resources in South Africa. However, achieving effective participation of communities in water resource projects continues to be a challenge especially for the previously marginalised communities. The study aims to evaluate community participation in Sihlanzimvelo Stream Cleaning Project (SCP) at Inanda, Ntuzuma, and KwaMashu (INK). To understand the nature and extent of how, why, when community participated and who participated in SCP. To understand the significance and the value of community participation, factors that encourage and hinder CP as well as identifying strategies to enhance CP. A qualitative and quantitative research method was adopted for collection of primary and secondary data sources which was used to achieve the objectives of this study. The results reveal that SCP has to promote participation of youth and women. There is a very low percentage of PINK community members that are participating in SCP and some members are not aware of the project. There is a need to improve the level of participation and communication channels to reach out to all members of the community. The significance of community participation into SCP is to improve their socio-economic wellbeing of the community. provide empowerment of knowledge and skills. Develop trust and partnership with community.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.