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Sport architecture as a resource for social revitalization in an urban area: a multi-purpose sports complex in Durban.

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This thesis explores how the lack of pubic social space contributes to social issues in the urban context. The research will investigate how social space within the urban context affects the social development of people, the social, economic development and the architectural responses of the urban environment. The aim of this dissertation is to understand the importance of urban social space in the context of Durban and how sport can be used as a tool to revitalize social space through an architectural response. The outcome of the dissertation is to explore how a suitable architectural response such as a sports complex will adhere to the social issues of youth development to promote social revitalization. The response to the social-economic and architectural aspects of social revitalization will be developed through the exploratory study of theories, concepts, literature, supporting precedents, case studies and inclusive primary research through questioners and interviews that will justify the appropriate design development.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.