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Exploring the role of healing spaces in the metaphysical and physical realm: towards a place for meditation in Durban.

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Over the course of seventy years, the structure of global society has drastically changed following the trend of globalization. Factors such as stress and anxiety have becoming increasingly common, affecting nearly one in thirteen people on both a local and international scale (Psychological medicine, 2012:471). Financial responsibilities, family commitments and work obligations are but few attributing causes to the fluctuation of one’s stress and anxiety levels. Unfortunately, many of our living and working environments pay little to no regard to human comfort, sensual experience and wellbeing, thereby creating negative environments which aggravate stress and anxiety. Although studies have shown the importance of nature on the human mind and body, many of individuals still prefer to remain indoors based on social conventions. The aim of this project is to therefore help improve the quality of life for individuals seeking to find balance by using architecture as a healing agent across the metaphysical and physical realm. In doing so, people have the opportunity to unlock the inner depths of their consciousness whilst establishing links with nature and place which are vital towards achieving holistic wellbeing.


Master of Art in Architecture. University of KwaZulu-Natal. Durban, 2017.