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Fly fishing and tourism : a sustainable rural community development strategy for Nsikeni ?

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Most rural communities, such as Nsikeni area under the Mabandla Tribal Authority (MTA) in the Eastern Cape (former Transkei), are located in apartheid-created 'homelands'. These rural areas have large human populations that depend on natural resources, but, they do not derive full benefits from natural resource use. This research study examines the socio-economic status and the Nsikeni community people's perceptions on developing the potential for fly fishing under the concept of community-based resource management (CBRM) strategies. The research attempts to assess the Nsikeni community's resource assets in the form of rivers and related infrastructure together with their human resource and to obtain knowledge and perceptions of available potential in relation to fly fishing. Attention is drawn to socio-economic needs which could challenge the sustainability of a community-based project, land use activities and associated impacts for the Ngwagwane River catchment area, and lastly, based on the Nsikeni community's opinion, a proposed model for a community-based strategy.


Thesis (M.Sc.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2000.


Fly fishing--Eastern Cape., Tourism--Eastern Cape., Ecotourism--Eastern Cape., Ecotourism--Citizen participation., Ecotourism--Economic aspects., Theses--Environmental science.