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Exploring the adaptive reuse of 'problem buildings', towards a multi-use building for urban regeneration in Durban.

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The quality of our built environment effects the standard of our everyday life. This dissertation is interested in the phenomenon of problem buildings, as observed throughout the inner city of Durban. It is concerned with the perception these problem buildings reflect and their impact on the quality of the built environment. The investigation focuses on exploring possible opportunities to adapt these structures positively to provide a more meaningful experience for the contemporary inner city user and in so doing, catalyzing a better quality urban environment and sense of place. This will be informed through the method of the phenomenology of perception and place theory. The concepts of adaptive reuse and urban regeneration are reviewed, to integrate and create a positive urban image and regeneration for the contemporary user. The aim is to expose any failings of current city planning and bylaws as well as the current exploitation of the city inhabitants, and to seek an appropriate balance through the exploration of multiple use building typologies. It further argues to adaptively reuse existing infrastructure to regenerate the urban environment of the inner city of Durban.


Master of Architecture. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2017.


Theses - Architecture.