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Occupational challenges faced by the nurses working in public health care: the case of Chesterville Clinic.

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Nurses have a significant role to play in promoting good quality health care in South Africa. Therefore, it is critical for the Department of Health to have nurses who are engaged in their work. However, given the high levels of occupational challenges, nurses experience high levels of occupational stress that often results in psychological distress. On the contrary, some nurses, regardless of the stressful nature of their job, seem to enjoy their work and exert greater effort in dealing with these stressors. In order to answer the research objectives, the present study used a qualitative approach and purposive sampling method was used for the purpose of data collection. Data was gathered in the public clinic in Durban. A sample of 7 participants was obtained comprising of 5 females and 2 males. Data was collected using interviews. The results of the study showed that the nurses are faced with occupational challenges which contributed to high levels of occupational stress. It is recommended that the issue of shortage of the staff needs to be speculated since it was found out that increased workload of the nurses rose from inadequate staff. Thus, the government can look into employing more nurses in the public health care. It is recommended that the salaries and advancements of the nurses be considered as one of the solutions to increase their morale and motivation.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.