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The role of music in the Hindi Shiksha Sangh (South Africa).

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The promotion of the Hindi language by the Hindi Shiksha Sangh (South Africa) has dominated the cultural life of the majority of Hindi-speaking Hindus in South Africa for over fifty years. This study concerns itself with the role of music in the construction of a local Hindi identity in the Sangh. It examines the factors that created and sustained the Hindi identity. Areas that come under focus in the research include: the history of the Hindi-speaking Hindu and their language in South Africa; the promotion of the Hindi language; the role assumed by the Hindi Shiksha Sangh . (South Africa) ; the function and significance of music and the socio-historical context of music that informs the cultural identity of the Hindi-speaking Hindu. The theoretical basis for this research has been drawn from principles in musical ethnography. The study locates the cultural identity of a linguistic group within the premise of socially meaningful music.


Thesis (M.Mus)-University of Natal, Durban, 1999.


Indians--South Africa--Music--History and criticism., Indians--KwaZulu-Natal--Music--History and criticism., Hindus--South Africa., Theses--Music.