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Revisiting current South African housing policy : towards the development of a holistic housing policy.

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What housing means to people, their satisfaction with what they have and their evaluation of housing, seems to be especially relevant at this point in time in South African history. Therefore using meaning as a factor to evaluate current policy in South Africa, seems an interesting proposition. Further it is useful to use this approach to consider what might be missing in current approaches to housing. Is it possible for instance, that in South Africa the approach evolved by policy makers is incomplete? Is it possible that a more comprehensive approach could be a solution to the current crises in housing? These questions led to the formulating of the research question that is the topic of this dissertation. The analysis of the problem and suggested solutions is dealt with in the following order: Firstly, the problem, definitions and research to be carried out is defined in Chapter One, which also defines the background to the formulating of the research question. This is followed by a review of the current South African situation and its relationship to international housing policies, in Chapter Two. Chapter Three, outlines holistic policies: what they embrace and their relevance to this subject. Thereafter in the same chapter, international, as well as South African attempts at envisioning more meaningful policies are examined, with reference to their implications for South African policy. Chapter Four outlines new research undertaken which examines the feasibility and amenability of South Africa to a more meaningful approach and finally in Chapter Five, a conclusion is reached. It is hoped that this approach, will add to the discussion in this field and contribute to new perspectives emerging.


Thesis (M.T.R.P.)-University of Natal, 1999.


Housing policy--South Africa., Theses--Town and regional planning.