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Sport as a tool for social integration : the design of a multi-purpose sport and leisure precinct for Durban, eThekwini.

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The purpose of this dissertation was to determine the significance of sport in society and its influence on the built form. The project investigated the social powers of sport, as well as the social benefits of a well-designed built environment. More specifically the project had three aims. The first being to explore the social aspects of sport; by understanding how it breaks down social barriers and becomes a tool for social integration. The second aim was to explore how the built environment can aid in a similar capacity, through the design of good public space and an architecture which encourages integration. Lastly this dissertation focused on creating a relevant meaningful architectural response, which is responsive to both its uses and its surrounding context. Through the investigation of literature, theories, precedent studies, case studies, and personally conducted questionnaires and interviews the desired outcome was met. It was found that sport does have an extremely positive role in social integration. The research showed that not only does sport united people and break down social barriers, but the built environment in which sport takes place can greatly affect how successful the integration is.


M. Arch. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 2013.


Sports--Social aspects--Durban., Social integration--Sports--Durban., Theses--Architecture., Sports facilities--Durban--Designs and plans., Recreation centers--Durban--Designs and plans.