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The role of the geomaticist in natural resource management.

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The essence of this thesis may be described by Ruther's argument that the survey profession is confronted with the necessity of having to redefine its role in society, or face the consequences of having the profession become marginalised (n .d: 1). The thesis reviews the functions of a traditional land surveyor, and shows how these functions are diminishing. This is done to illustrate the need for change in the profile of a traditional land surveyor, and the necessity of him redefining his role in society, in order to prosper in the future. The concept of geomatics, as an integrated approach to the acquisition and management of spatial data is introduced, and is used to illustrate the types of skills which a traditional land surveyor already has, and would need to acquire, in order to make the transition to a modern land surveyor, or what is tenned a geomaticist. A case study is then carried out in order to test the validity of the conceptual framework.


Thesis (M.Sc.Sur)-University of Natal, Durban, 2000.


Surveying., Surveyors., Natural resources--Management., Geomatics., Theses--Surveying.