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Dyslipidaemic pancreatitis : clinical assessment and analysis of disease severity and outcomes.

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Introduction: The relationship between pancreatitis and dyslipidaemia is unclear and has never been studied in a South African context. Patients and methods: A prospective evaluation of all admissions with acute pancreatitis to a regional hospital general surgical service was performed to ascertain its relationship to dyslipidaemia. Aetiology was determined by history and ultrasound assessment. Disease severity was assessed using a modified Imrie score and an organ failure score. Body mass index was calculated. A lipid profile was obtained. Abnormal profiles were repeated. Secondary causes of dyslipidaemia were noted. A comparison of the demographic profile, aetiology, disease severity scores, complications and deaths were made in relationship to the lipid profiles. Results: From June 2001 to May 2005, there were 230 admissions, of whom 31% were women and 69% men. The median age was 38 years(range 13- 73). The pancreatitis was associated with alcohol in 146(63%), gallstones in 42(19%) and idiopathic in 27(12%). The amylase was significantly higher with a gallstone aetiology (p


Thesis (MMedSc)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2006.


Pancreatitis., Blood lipids., Hyperlipidaemia., Lipids--Metabolism--Disorders., Theses--General surgery.