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An evaluative analysis of educational administration in KwaZulu.

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The study deals with administration of education in KwaZulu where the concern is for efficient and effective use of limited financial, human and material resources. The purpose of this evaluative analysis of educational administration is to determine the degrees of efficiency and effectiveness with which the system of education functions. Therefore, the aims of the study were the following: * To describe the KwaZulu educational system: its origin, character, socio-political context and constraints; * To identify the generic functions of educational administration on the basis of which criteria were formulated for evaluation; * To analyse educational administration in KwaZulu and to evaluate it by means of formulated criteria, and * To formulate recommendations regarding the improvement of educational administration in the area. The conceptual framework of the study derived from the development of administrative theories through time and their implication for, and impact on educational administration. This analysis enabled the investigator to extract criteria for evaluating administration of education in KwaZulu. The evaluative analysis had to be carried out in terms of the organisation of education from the school level to the head office. To deal adequately with the problem being examined, detailed discussion was given of the KwaZulu system of education and the broader context in which it functions. The population of the study comprised three categories of education officers, namely, school principals, circuit inspectors and selected administrators from the head office. The instruments for data collection were questionnaires for school principals and circuit inspectors and interviews for the head office administrators. The study identified the following problem areas: preparation for administrative roles, perceptions of work-related skills, work performance in terms of tasks, the process of administration and related problems, and collaboration among education officers as well as with interested parties. The analysis of data was both quantitative and qualitative. In the light of the findings of the study the investigator offered several recommendations.


Thesis (Ph.D.)-University of Durban-Westville, 1991.


Theses--Education., School management and organization--KwaZulu-Natal., Educational evaluation.