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Exact solutions for spherical relativistic models.

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In this thesis we study relativistic models of gravitating uids with heat ow and electric charge. Firstly, we derive the model of a charged shear-free spherically symmetric cosmological model with heat ow. The solution of the Einstein-Maxwell equations of the system is governed by the pressure isotropy condition. This condition is a highly nonlinear partial di erential equation. We analyse this master equation using Lie's group theoretic approach. The Lie symmetry generators that leave the equation invariant are found. We provide exact solutions to the gravitational potentials using the rst symmetry admitted by the equation. Our new exact solutions contain the earlier results of Msomi et al (2011) without charge. Using the second symmetry we are able to reduce the order of the master equation to a rst order highly nonlinear di erential equation. Secondly, we study a shear-free spherically symmetric cosmological model with heat ow in higher dimensions. We establish the Einstein eld equations and nd the governing pressure isotropy condition. We use an algorithm due to Deng (1989) to provide several new classes of solutions to the model. The four-dimensional case is contained in our general result. Solutions due to Bergmann (1981), Maiti (1982), Modak (1984) and Sanyal and Ray (1984) for the four-dimensional case are regained. We also establish a new class of solutions that contains the results of Deng (1989) from four dimensions.


Thesis (M.Sc.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2011.


Relativistic quantum theory., Symmetric functions., Differential equations., Theses--Mathematics.