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A particle in a wave : a self-study of an evolving consciousness and its concomitant art production, in the context of twentieth century contemporary spirituality.

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In this dissertation the tracing of a personal shift in consciousness is evidenced in my art production and through self-interrogation. Investigations into feminist theology proved resonant with a personal apostasy and provided a base for a feminine identity and language. The schism perpetrated by this pivotal thesis in the revisioning of women, its subsequent antithesis, motivated a search for synthesis. A scientific enlightenment in the field of quantum physics promotes the notion of a unified consciousness. Psychology investigates the realities of mysticism and exposes commonalities within eastern and western religions revealing a thread of unified metaphysical thought. The twentieth century has witnessed a radical in the art expression of the spiritual, some coincident with the revival of an interest in oriental art, and some as a manifestation of zeitgeist or collective consciousness. This past century of rapid technological change, clearly has its attendant spiritual shifting patterns. The process of creativity in art-making has proved to be a conduit for an evolving consciousness.


Thesis (M.A.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2000.


Olivier, Audrey, 1947--Criticism and interpretation., Women artists--South Africa., Feminist spirituality., Spirituality in art., Mysticism in art., Gender identity in art., Consciousness in art., Theses--Fine art.