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An evaluation of the social support network component of the pilot CHAMP study in Kwadedangendlale, South Africa.

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This study explored the social networks and social support of parents in Embo and Molweni, two villages of KwaDedangendlale outside Durban. The study is part of a larger South African project, CHAMP-SA (Collaborative HN/AIDS Adolescent Mental Health Project). CHAMP-SA is an adaptation of CHAMP which originated in the USA. CHAMP works with pre-adolescents and their families in addressing parenting issues with the aim of re-establishing the adult protective shield for these children. The current study evaluates the social network component of the pilot phase of CHAMP-SA. The first part of the current study was quantitative and employed a repeated measures quasi-experimental design intervention with both the experimental and control groups. The second, qualitative part used individual interviews to interrogate the results of the quantitative data. Content analysis was used to determine what factors impeded or enhanced the process of social networking. Bronfenbrenner's Systemic Ecological Theoretical Model was used to understand these at a personal, interpersonal and community level.


Thesis (M.A.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2005.


Social networks--South Africa., AIDS (Disease)--South Africa--Prevention., Theses--Psychology.