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Symbolising pride and culture in a democracy space : proposed KwaZulu-Natal Legislature.

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KwaZulu Natal Legislature is an organization that requires office holders who can exercise authority, speak on its behalf, administer its business and serve its members and most importantly public affairs. Its functions are divided among elected officers, who are Members of Parliament, and the permanent officers and their staff who are employed for the House. Currently KwaZulu Natal (KZN) is in a transition period whereby the original legislative and administrative structures are still in place and operational. However the problem has been the recent amount of pressures of the new dispensation. The province is in a strange and unique situation whereby we have a parliament at Ulundi that operates as the original house of assembly operating designed for (black) governance and now a Pietermaritzburg High Court with its own Assembly house and administrative department both operating concurrently. The political problems that have risen are immense and have caused huge turmoil between the two leading political parties in the region that is the African National Congress (ANC) and Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP). As a result there were problems of duplication of staff between the two assembly houses, a duplication of services, resources. This situation has affected the local government's financial situation by having to split the salaries, benefits and additional expenses. The region of KwaZulu-Natal has for years been operating like three provinces in one. [Provincial task report team-The provincial administration of KwaZulu Natal, 1997]. Discussions of a single provincial legislature continue, but few issues have arisen like the acknowledgement of traditional leaders and arguments about where the provincial capital should be. Furthermore this has delayed the processes of drafting the provincial constitution.The shortage of space has recently been the major contributor to sudden urge for the need for a new legislature building. The Pietermaritzburg complex is currently being scattered along Langalibalele Street, with the debating chamber on one side and the administrative building located across the street. Further down is the office of the Premier. The sudden increase of the local government service structure has furthermore increased a definite need for the new building that will aim to address the current issues. It is therefore crucial for the Legislature Buildings to express the new socio-cultural paradigm that has emerged in KZN. [South Africa Report, 1995]


Thesis (M.Arch.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2011.


Historic buildings--KwaZulu-Natal., Public buildings--KwaZulu-Natal--Designs and plans., Theses--Architecture.