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Identifying the benefits and barriers of providing feedback on psychological assessment results/concepts using the clients'/caregivers' primary language of communication : the clinicians perspective.

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Aim: This study aimed at identifying the benefits and barriers of providing feedback on psychological assessment results/concepts using the clients/caregivers primary language of communication from the clinicians’ perspective, how these affect the feedback process and the strategies used by clinicians to achieve positive feedback outcome. Methodology: In this qualitative study purposive sampling was used in selecting the sample, data was collected through the use of semi-structure interviews with a group of 8 Clinical/Counseling Masters students from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The data was analysed using thematic analysis. Conclusion: The findings showed that clinicians experience a number of language obstacles when communicating assessment results using the clients’ primary language. Obstacles reported were related to the lack of terms and concepts to appropriately explain psychological information to the client/caregiver. Concerns were raised about translating tests and content that was not standardized for IsiZulu speakers. Clinicians expressed concern with regards to their ability to efficiently communicate with clients and caregivers in their mother tongue. There were a number of perceived benefits for the client and the clinician. Clinicians were of the view that communicating with clients in their language facilitated the collection of history, establishment or rapport, while the perceived benefits for the client included ease of communication; the elimination of anxiety; possible improvement in test performance and the adequacy of presenting emotional states. In dealing with the effects of obstacles clinicians employed various strategies such as the use of counseling micro-skills, adopting a collaborative approach, beforehand preparation, going for supervision and consulting with other experienced clinicians.


Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College 2013.


Caregivers--Services for--South Africa., Communication--South Africa--Psychological aspects., Caregivers--South Africa--Social conditions., Discrimination in language., Feedback (Psychology), Theses--Counselling psychology.