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The impact of social media browsing on purchasing behaviour in the youth market.

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Over the last century, technology has had one of the most significant influences on the way in which marketers conduct business. The advent of technological innovations, Web 2.0 and new media such as social media have altered the dynamics of business and has transformed the way in which marketers interact, communicate and conduct business with consumers. The increased and widespread use of social media in particular, amongst the youth has increased the importance of social media as a marketing and communication tool and sales driver. The youth in particular, have actively embraced social media which has become pervasive in their lives. The youth are actively involved and engaged on social media platforms and, as these consumers proliferate, engage, and interact on these platforms, they are creating new opportunities and avenues for marketers to influence their purchasing behaviour and increase their sales. The growing usage of social media is thus indicative of a rich interactive platform for marketers to capitalize on in order to remain prevalent and influence the purchasing behaviour of post-modern consumers such as the youth. Social media has created endless opportunities for marketers in order to influence and increase the purchasing behaviour of consumers. However, despite the significant opportunities and benefits, several marketers are hesitant and have failed to make use of social media as a medium for marketing and communication and influencing consumer purchasing behaviour. In light of the above, this study will establish, by means of quantitative analysis, the impact of social media browsing on the purchasing behaviour of consumers in the youth market, with a view of enabling marketers to utilize social media as a medium for influencing the purchasing behaviour of consumers.


M. Com. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2011.


Social media--Purchasing--Behavior., Young consumers--Social networks., Consumer behavior., Marketing--Management., Theses--Marketing management.