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An investigation into drug use amongst pupils in selected Indian high schools in the Durban municipal area.

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This is a thesis on drug use among Indian high school pupils in the Durban municipal area. This study was undertaken because of the high incidence of drug use reported among Indian youth, and because of the paucity of factual information and research on the subject, in South Africa. The objectives of this investigation were to obtain scientific and objective information on the dynamics and causal factors associated with the use of drugs. The findings were compared to those of existing studies. The sample comprised of 128 drug users and 128 non-users, selected from ten Indian secondary schools in the Durban municipal area. The data from drug-users and non-users was obtained through the use of a confidential questionnaire. School guidance counsellors assisted with the administration and distribution of the questionnaires. In this investigation the researcher compared the biographical details of both drug users and non-users. It was concluded that drug users and non-users came from divergent socio-economic backgrounds, although drug users tended to be more represented among the lower socio-economic group. In this investigation it was established that male pupils showed more preference for the use of drugs than female pupils, and the average age of the drug users appeared to be between 15-17 years. Although unfavourable family background was slightly more prevalent among the drug users, they did not account completely for significantly more drug use, since non-users who suffered from the same plight of unfavourable home background, did not resort to the use of drugs. Drugs that were most commonly used by respondents in this survey included dagga, inhalants, Mandrax and codeine. It also appeared that the influence of the peer group contributed significantly to most of the pupils initiation into drug use. It was also reported that most of the drug users indicated that they had received some information on the negative aspects of drug-taking from teachers, parents and law enforcement officials, however, some of the pupils felt that the information they received, did not really influence their behaviour and attitudes to drugs. It is hoped that the findings of the present study will be of benefit to all concerned individuals, and that it will stimulate greater awareness and responsiveness to the problem of drug use, and the inherent problems with regard to the management thereof.


Thesis (M.A.)-University of Durban-Westville, Durban, 1990.


Drug abuse., Drugs and youth., Theses--Criminology.