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Geomorphological aspects of veld burning in Golden Gate Highlands National Park, South Africa.

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First is widely used as veld management tool in a wilderness areas such as Golden gate Highlands Park. A wealth of literature exists regarding the effect of burning vegetation but few studies but few studies address the fire on soil geomorphology. The study aimed at determining the effect of fire on soil properties of soil and soil erosion processes. Fifteen of runoff plots were installed at Golden Gates Highlands National Park on slopes varying aspect and gradient and were subject to different burn treatments i.e. winter, spring and non- burnt. The following were investigated to determine if fire had influence in erodiblity, infiltration rate, organic matter content, and aggregate stability. The intensity of grassland fires is general not sufficiency to affect soil properties especially if the burn take place under favourable under favourable conditions. Despite the poor rain received during the study period enough event were recorded to establish trends. Winter burning increases sendiment yield and runoff compare to spring burning and the control non-burn treatment. These results were incorporated into proposed burn policy for golden gate Highlands National Park.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu Natal, Pietermaritzburg.