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Implementation of a testbed for MISO OFDM communication systems.

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The thesis presents an implementation of a multiple input single output orthogonal frequency division multiplex (MISO OFDM) communication system testbed. The project was developed in order to evaluate whether the channel estimation algorithms developed by Dr Oyerinde [1] could be implemented in a real time communication system that uses today’s technology. This implementation based validation would help determine the practicality of algorithms and methods that promise better performance for communication systems from a simulation point of view. The benefits of using multiple orthogonal carriers are discussed as well as how an OFDM system works. The benefits of using multiple antennas at the transmitter, as opposed to using just one, are also discussed. The Alamouti scheme which allows space diversity to be achieved without the cost of having a lower data rate is presented. Modules common to all communication systems, such as those dedicated to synchronization, channel estimation, symbol detection and channel coding, are discussed. The different methods of synchronization for OFDM communication systems are presented and compared. The channel estimation algorithm developed by Dr Oyerinde is presented and is adopted for an indoor channel. Most of the system blocks and parameters used in the testbed are the same as those used in [1] in order to easily compare the results obtained by simulation and those obtained by implementation. The system bandwidth required for the project was too high for the processor chosen for the testbed. A qualitative evaluation of the practicality of Dr Oyerinde’s channel estimation algorithms was performed instead. From this evaluation it was derived that Dr Oyerinde’s non-iterative decision directed channel estimation algorithm was more suitable for real time non-iterative decision directed channel estimation communication systems than for iterative versions. Apart from processing demands that couldn’t be met, the other aspects of the project were implemented successfully.


Thesis (M.Sc.Eng.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2012.


Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing--Testing., Wireless communication systems., MIMO systems., Theses--Electronic engineering.