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Evaluating the implementation of performance management system in Ugu District Municipality.

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Municipal Integrated Development Plan (IDP). The municipality is required in terms of MSA to promote a culture of performance management among its political structures, political office-bearers and councillors and in its administration; and to administer its affairs in an economical, effective, efficient and accountable manner. In view of the above, it is evident that a performance management system can be regarded as one of the cornerstones of the new constitutional dispensation and that a performance management system can be considered as a practical instrument for the improved delivery of services within the municipal context. This study therefore seeks to evaluate the implementation the implementation of performance management system in Ugu district municipality with a view to improving service delivery and minimising the number of complaints which are the result of service delivery challenges. In achieving this purpose, a whole range of research methods such as interviews, focus groups and document analysis were used to collect data on the subject matter. The relevant data was analysed and was compared with legislative guidelines on the subject matter. The findings and conclusions of the study indicated that certain constraints affect the effective implementation of the performance management system by the Ugu district municipality and these include, among other things, the role of oversight structures which is not exercised, the lack of monitoring and evaluation of performance, the lack of alignment of performance review outcomes with personal development plans, and an inability to utilise the performance management system to improve services that are delivered to the community. Given the above, the researcher has made some recommendations on how to improve the performance management system of the municipality. Key recommendations require that the municipality’s targets should be outcome-based; monitoring and evaluation of performance from planning to verification of information reported on should take place; there should be mechanisms to ensure that budget is derived from the IDP; the municipality should ensure capacitation of performance oversight committees and that local communities should be allowed to participate in the planning and review of performance.


Master of Public Administration in Management Studies. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 2015.


Performance Management., Performance standards--South Africa--Ugu District Municipality., Local government--South Africa., Theses--Public Administration.