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An evaluation of the "In-service Training Policy" in Swaziland with specific reference to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Health.

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Administrations of all kinds are experiencing pressure to make essential developments to the way they function in order to keep stride with frequently changing, political, economic, technological and social environments. Training and development of staff has played a significant part in assisting administrations to meet this challenge as it improves performance by increasing job satisfaction, improving attitudes and motivation, and enhancing skills. Swaziland like other developing countries has an obligation to deliver efficient services to its citizens. In this regard the “In-service Training policy’ was promulgated in 2000, to improve and empower civil servants. The establishment of the policy through the Human Resource Training and Development Department (HRTDD) was in line with the country’s National Development Strategies (NDS) as well as a means of achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s). This paper seeks to examine the challenges and the successes of the implementation of the policy. The literature reviewed indicates that policy implementation cannot be practical and understood in isolation of other policy stages and thus predicates that a comprehensive framework must be undertaken in order to reach policy ends. One reason is because it was isolated from other policy stages. Thus, a comprehensive framework must be developed for successful policy. The empirical data was gathered from in-depth interviews with officials from the Ministry of Public Service, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade. The findings indicate that the implementation of the “In-service Training Policy” in Swaziland is constrained and challenged by bureaucracy, lack of resources (human and financial) and a proper monitoring and evaluation mechanism. This suggests that the “In-service training policy” of 2000 needs to be reviewed.


M. Soc. Sc. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 2015.


Civil service--In-service training--Swaziland., Civil service reform--Swaziland., Theses--Public policy.