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Monitoring and evaluation system to enhance service delivery in KwaZulu–Natal Department of Human Settlements.

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Background: The monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system is regarded as one of the tools that assists in improving service delivery and good governance within an organisation. However, the M&E system within public service has not been sufficiently researched and given the attention that it deserves. Objectives: This study investigated how the M&E system can assist in improving service delivery and good governance within the Department of Human Settlements (DoHS). The focus was on investigating the strategies, principles, procedures and best practices when implementing the M&E system within DoHS. Methodology: The qualitative research design was used through a case study strategy, which was driven by the conceptual framework that encouraged the adoption of the M&E system within the DoHS. The study site was the DoHS in KwaZulu-Natal where government officials consisting of 13 Assistant Directors, 14 Deputy Directors and 10 Directors were interviewed. Data were analysed through a combination of content, matrix, and thematic analyses. Findings and analysis: The findings show that, while most of the officials within the department understand that there is an M&E system, the majority of the officials within the department are ill-informed in terms of how the system operates. The study findings further show that the impact of the M&E system is very minimal in terms of advancing service delivery and good governance. Recommendations: In its final analysis, the study recommends that information sessions and workshops within the department must be conducted in order to promote the awareness about the role and contribution of the M&E system in the department. The study further recommends that the implementation of M&E system should be perceived as a support system deemed necessary to improve service and good governance in the public sector in general, and in the DoHS in particular.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.