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Psychosocial, religious, and traditional framework for intervention in addressing challenges faced by adoptive families in developing countries : the case of Lesotho.

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Parenting quality is the single most important determinant of social and psychological wellbeing in humans. In the case of Lesotho, however, parenting can be undermined by a range of undesirable circumstances including orphaning; abandonment; and poor biological and adoptive parenting skills. While significant effort has been applied by the relevant government department to improve child welfare and protection services in Lesotho, more can still be done. The aim of this research was to understand the nature of challenges that may undermine adoptive parenting with the intention of promulgating measures to circumvent such challenges with specific reference to Lesotho. To achieve the above mentioned aim, data was collected from two samples (adoptive parents and child protection professionals) in Lesotho in 2014. The data was then analysed qualitatively to arrive at the conclusions. Three main findings emerged in the study: 1. Adoptive parents adopt on account of infertility; to mix their children’s sex; and as acts of goodwill. 2. More can be done to improve pre-adoption assessment; and 3. More can be done to improve post-adoption support. Against these main findings recommendations put forth include a pre-adoption assessment questionnaire; pre-adoption parenting training guidelines; parenting journal; as well as individualised video-aided post-adoption capacity building and parenting support.


Ph. D. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 2015.


Adoption -- Social aspects -- Lesotho., Adoption -- Lesotho -- Religious aspects., Adoptive parents -- Lesotho -- Psychological aspects., Orphans -- Lesotho., Theses -- Social work.