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The self-healing process as a design generator : a proposed healing retreat infiltrating the renewal of life.

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The art of existing and being are fragments of eluded composition of the visible and the invisible. in a word, he must reflect. But as soon as he does so, beyond the world itself and beyond what is only "in us," beyond being in itself and being for us, a third dimension seems to open up, (Ponty: 1968; 29). The relation between the physical and the metaphysical realm is generated through self-healing processes that occur within the conscious and the unconscious states of being, in order to manifest this process of self, there are contributing factors that need to be obtained within the physical realm to project and reflect a sense of balance to obtain a positive state of wellness. Daily encounters (social, economic) disengage an individual’s sense of perception thereafter generating negative stressors that influence and induce unhealthy states, disconnecting an individual from oneself and the predetermined physical realm. This Dissertation will explore the relation between the interrelated realms that contribute to fluctuating stress levels within individuals and society as a whole. The aim is to create an understanding on how perception and sense relation aids a sense of wellness and generates the active processes of self-healing, due to the dependent role of architecture and the built environment.


Master of Architecture. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 2014.


Theses--Architecture., Spiritual retreats., Therapeutics., Self-care, Health.