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Characteristics of a well brought-up child : perceptions of South African Black (Zulu speaking), Coloured, Indian, and White (English and Afrikaans speaking) mothers.

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A Westemised model of parenting dominates the literature, and is largely the model against which all other parenting practices are compared. This study aimedto address whether the principles inherent in this model, actually fonn the basis of South African parents' ideas of 'well brought-up' children. Focus groups were conducted on groups of white (English and Afrikaans), coloured, Indian and black (urban, Zulu) mothers, and then qualitatively analysed. Family demographics and variables, such as stress levels and socioeconomic status, were also compared across groups. Some characteristics such as love, respect, consideration and obedience were important for all groups, whereas independence, individuality, honesty, religion and education were discussed in only some of the groups. The findings may prove useful for developing localised parenting programs, enhancing understanding across the groups, furthering education, and stimulating further research.


Thesis (M.Soc.Sci.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 1999.


Child rearing--South Africa., Child development., Socialization., Parent and child., Theses--Psychology.