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The social rehabilitation of youth substance abusers within the built environment : a proposed youth social rehabilitation centre for Durban.

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The issue of youth substance abuse within the context of South Africa, and more closer to home, Durban, is of great concern regarding the further social development of the generation and the lives, dreams and ambitions that are apart of today currents society. The research carried out in this dissertation is aimed at understanding what the contributing factors are to youth substance abuse and furthermore investigating strategies of social rehabilitation and reintegration for youth problem drug users. The research will be examined through a theoretical framework in which the information acquired can be processed in context with the topic and sub topic, relevant to an architectural discourse. The theories that will be used to examine the literature are social construct theory, porosity theory, and lens theory of environmental perception. These theories represent a specialised scope that addresses the social and architectural responses, as well as the social implications within the context of youth substance abuse. The literature goes on to further explore appropriate architectural environments that benefit well-being and aspects of social rehabilitation. The specific aspects of the environments are explored for application within the design phase and how they may facilitate specific functions within the typology, and their impact on the occupants. Society and the constructs within it have influences on youth substance abuse and in many cases facilitate it; however the constructs of rehabilitation and society can be shaped by the built environment, and thus architects and designers. There is a social responsibility that comes with the understanding of these constructs, which this dissertation aims to explore.


Master of Architecture.


Rehabilitation centers--South Africa--Durban., Substance abuse treatment facilities--South Africa--Durban., Youth--Rehabilitation--South Africa--Durban., Self-help groups--Activity programs-- South Africa--Durban., Theses--Architecture.