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Assessing human resource policies on performance using monitoring and evaluation tools in Durban Transnet National Port Authority.

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Human Resources policies have been playing a character in Durban Transnet National Port Authority institutions for many years. Performance has been one of the critical issues in many organisations. Monitoring and Evaluation remains the significance factor in assessing Human Resource policies into operative institutions that provides on the objectives of Transnet. The main objective of the study was to analyse the role of evaluations of HR Policies in the Durban Transnet National Port Authority. Further the aim was to determine the monitoring of HR policies for improved results and performance in the Durban Transnet National Port Authority, and evaluate the planning for improvements of HR policies in the Durban Transnet National Port Authority. This study used a qualitative method. This approach enabled the researcher to explore concepts in more depth with the research participants and to hear them talk about issues that affect them. Unstructured interviews were employed as they favour lengthy responses and can provide a holistic understanding of the respondents’ views pertaining to the research topic. Thematic analysis was deemed suitable for qualitative data analysis because the technique allowed for concise organisation and detailed description of collected data. The findings of the study indicated that the interpretation of HR policies has not improved, there is no consultation other stakeholders within the organisation before policies are developed. All HR personnel including line managers to be clear with all HR policies so that correct information will be cascaded down, and line managers to take responsibility and be ready to be corrected of changes. As part of the recommendations, the study suggested that there must be a monitoring and evaluation team or specialists in place for line managers and HR to meet regularly to discuss their concerns about the implementation of the HR policies as well to oversee the effectiveness of monitoring and evaluation in an organisation. It is recommended that inductions need to take place where these concerns can be addressed under the supervision of an external facilitator. The emphasis in monitoring is on checking progress towards the achievement of an objective. A good monitoring system will thus give warning, early on in the implementation of a course of action that the end goal will be reached as planned. Keywords: Monitoring, evaluation, human resources, policies, performance, planning, improvements.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville.