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Investigating the impact of professional development in the Business Studies Faculty of Umfolozi College (TVET)

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ABSTRACT Umfolozi TVET College is an academic institution with a mandate of providing training and development that will address the challenge of unemployment in the country. There are continuous developments within the TVET sector which require the academic staff to be abreast with the curriculum offered to the students so that Colleges remain relevant. The business sector who are the employers evolve continuously and the lecturing component is expected to have adequate Professional Development (PD) to drive the curriculum. This study was conducted with the purpose of investigating College Professional Development initiatives and to determine if there is any impact to teaching and learning which in turn leads to throughput. For the purpose of this study, the Business Studies Faculty was sampled focusing on Heads of Units, Senior Lecturers and Lecturing staff. The researcher interviewed 19 participants from various campuses of the College in order to obtain an objective opinion. Data collected was analysed thematically by the researcher and interviewees concurred that there is PD at the College. There was appreciation from all interviewees on opportunities availed by the management and leadership of the College which is commendable, however the process of identifying training needs through a skills questionnaire versus the training provided needs to be properly aligned so that training is relevant. The Transformation Committee has a crucial role to play in the PD of lecturers and should be fully active in all College campuses. Keywords: Capacity building, leadership role, teaching and learning, students’ performance.


Master’s Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.