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In pursuit of a critical (African) psychology pedagogy in a South African university: a critical self-study.

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This thesis explores the under-researched nexus between critical psychology and critical pedagogy in the South Africa context. Adopting a self-study approach, it investigates how critical pedagogy might inform the pedagogical practices of critical psychologists teaching in the higher education context. The thesis uses findings from five smaller studies, using a range of qualitative methods (discourse analysis, classroom based study, critical autoethnography, personal history), to explore various aspects of my positioning and educational practices as a critical pedagogue teaching critical psychology in the South African context. Self-study is validated as a form of critical praxis, where critical reflection, action, and theory work together to transform educational spaces. The thesis demonstrates the effectiveness of self-study methodology for exploring the ways in which the wider socio-historical and political context mediates educator subjectivities and manifests in various pedagogical practices. The thesis, based on a collective reading of the five studies, culminates in the proposition of seven principles that might underlie a Critical (African) Psychology Pedagogy (C(A)PP), that is particularly relevant to the South African context.


Doctoral Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.