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An investigation of the complexes of zinc and germanium with 8-hydroxyquinoline.

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The experimental work described in this thesis is aimed at the elucidation of the speciation of the zinc and germanium 8-hydroxyquinoline systems. A knowledge of this speciation could aid in modelling the kinetics of solvent extraction of zinc and germanium with 7alkyl derivatives of 8-hydroxyquinoline. In this study the stability constants of the ligand 8hydroxyquinoline with the ions H+, Zn2+ and Ge4+ have been investigated by potentiometry at 25°C in a partially aqueous medium. A titration technique was used in which the hydrogen ion concentration was monitored using a glass indicating electrode. The partially aqueous medium comprised of O. 1 mol dm- 3 NaCl04 in 60% (v/v) dioxane and the concentration levels of the reagents were at least millimolar. The analysis of the potentiometric data was carried out with the aid of the computer programs HALTAFALL, ESTA and STATGRAPHICS. The results obtained for the systems involving the H+ and Zn2+ ions compare with those reported in the literature. The stability constant of a protonated species in the zinc-8-hydroxyquinoline system (ZnLH) was established for the first time. Precipitates obtained from the Zn2+ titrations were identified as zinc 8-hydroxyquinolate dihydrate. The germanium 8-hydroxyquinoline system has not been studied previously via potentiometry techniques. The complex hydrolysed species of germanium in aqueous solutions and the unusual features displayed in the formation curves increased the complexity of species selection. Although a suitable model of the species present could not be determined some evidence suggests the presence of protonated species. Hence, a prerequisite for resolving the germanium-8hydroxyquinoline system could be a more complete understanding of the hydrolysis of germanium in the partially aqueous medium used.


Thesis (M.Sc.)-University of Natal, Durban, 1991.


Germanium., Zinc compounds., Potentiometry., Theses--Chemistry.