Recent Submissions

  • Profile and management of AIDS related lymphoma. 

    Rapiti, Nadine. (2022)
    Worldwide, HIV-associated lymphoma (HAL) is a common HIV-related malignancy. Most are aggressive, high-grade B cell malignancies and are classified as AIDS Related Lymphomas (ARL). ARL include Diffuse large B cell lymphoma ...
  • Human blood groups and antibodies. 

    Moores, Phyllis Patricia. (1991)
    The following blood group phenotypes and antigens were studied: Abantu , Ax, Ay, Bm, Bm-like, B3-like, "Bombay" Oh Le(a+b-), "Bombay" Oh Le(a-b-), para-Bombay, Mi(a+), Vw+, S-s-U-, Dantu, Gerbich-, P1H, STEM+, Rh :-34, ...
  • The blood groups of the Natal Indian people. 

    Moores, Phyllis Patricia. (1980)
    No abstract available.
  • A comparative study of iron deficiency in the Indian and the African in Durban. 

    Mayet, Fatima G. H. (1963)
    The thesis is comprised of a comparative study of iron metabolism with particular reference to iron deficiency in the Indian and the African; Europeans were included when naterlal was available. Fifty four patients with ...