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    • Duffy-Null–Associated Low Neutrophil Counts Influence HIV-1 Susceptibility in High-Risk South African Black Women. 

      Ramsuran, Veron.; Kulkarni, Hemant.; He, Weijing.; Mlisana, Koleka Patience.; Wright, Edwina J.; Werner, Lise.; Castiblanco, John.; Dhanda, Rahul.; Le, Tuan.; Dolan, Matthew J.; Guan, Weihua.; Weiss, Robin A.; Clark, Robert A.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Ahuja, Sunil K.; Ndung'u, Peter Thumbi. (Oxford University Press., 2010)
      Background. The Duffy-null trait and ethnic netropenia are both highly prevalent in Africa. The influence of pre-seroconversion levels of peripheral blood cell counts (PBCs) on the risk of acquiring human immunodeficiency ...
    • Epigenetic mechanisms, T-cell activation, and CCR5 genetics interact to regulate T-cell expression of CCR5, the major HIV-1 coreceptor. 

      Gornalusse, German G.; Mummidi, Srinivas.; Gaitan, Alvaro A.; Jimenez, Fabio.; Ramsuran, Veron.; Picton, Anabela.; Rogers, Kristen.; Manoharan, Muthu Saravanan.; Avadhanam, Nymisha.; Murthy, Krishna K.; Martinez, Hernan.; Murillo, Angela Molano.; Chykarenko, Zoya A.; Hutt, Richard.; Daskalakis, Demetre.; Shostakovich-Koretskaya, Ludmila.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Martin, Jeffrey N.; Deeks, Steven G.; Hecht, Frederick.; Sinclair, Elizabeth.; Clark, Robert A.; Okulicz, Jason.; Valentine, Fred T.; Martinson, Neil.; Tiemessen, Caroline Tanya.; Ndung’u, Peter Thumbi.; Hunt, Peter W.; He, Weijing.; Ahuja, Sunil K. (United States National Academy of Sciences., 2015)
      Abstract available in pdf.
    • Influence of variations in CCL3L1 and CCR5 on tuberculosis in a northwestern Colombian population. 

      Mamtani, Manju.; Mummidi, Srinivas.; Ramsuran, Veron.; Pham, Minh-Hieu.; Maldonado, Robert.; Begum, Kazi.; Valera, Maria Soledad.; Sanchez, Racquel.; Castiblanco, John.; Kulkarni, Hemant.; Ndung'u, Peter Thumbi.; He, Weijing.; Anaya, Juan Manuel.; Ahuja, Sunil K. (Oxford University Press on behalf of The Infectious Diseases Society of America., 2010)
      We investigated the association of polymorphisms in CCR5, the major human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)–1 coreceptor, and copy number of its potent ligand CCL3L1 with tuberculosis in 298 individuals from Colombia. The ...