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    • Decreased incidence of dual infections in South African subtype C-infected women compared to a cohort ten years earlier. 

      Woodman, Zenda.; Mlisana, Koleka Patience.; Treurnicht, Florette K.; Abrahams, Melissa-Rose.; Thebus, Ruwayhida.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Williamson, Carolyn. (Mary Ann Liebert., 2011)
      Previously, we determined the incidence of dual infections in a South African cohort and its association with higher viral setpoint. Ten years later, we compare the incidence and impact of dual infections at transmission ...
    • Differences in HIV-1 neutralization breadth in two geographically distinct cohorts in Africa. 

      Bandawe, Gama P.; Moore, Penny L.; Werner, Lise.; Gray, Elin S.; Sheward, Daniel J.; Madiga, Maphuti C.; Nofemela, Andile.; Thebus, Ruwayhida.; Marais, Jinny C.; Maboko, Leonard.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Hoelscher, Michael.; Morris, Lynn.; Williamson, Carolyn. (Oxford University Press., 2015)
      Abstract available in pdf.
    • Features of recently transmitted HIV-1 clade C viruses that impact antibody recognition : implications for active and passive immunization. 

      Rademeyer, Cecilia.; Korber, Bette.; Seaman, Michael S.; Giorgi, Elena E.; Thebus, Ruwayhida.; Robles, Alexander.; Sheward, Daniel J.; Wagh, Kshitij.; Garrity, Jetta.; Carey, Brittany R.; Gao, Hongmei.; Greene, Kelli M.; Tang, Haili.; Bandawe, Gama P.; Marais, Jinny C.; Diphoko, Thabo E.; Hraber, Peter.; Tumba, Nancy.; Moore, Penny L.; Gray, Glenda E.; Kublin, James.; McElrath, M. Juliana.; Vermeulen, Marion.; Middelkoop, Keren.; Bekker, Linda-Gail.; Hoelscher, Michael.; Maboko, Leonard.; Makhema, Joseph.; Robb, Merlin L.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Abdool Karim, Quarraisha.; Kim, Jerome H.; Hahn, Beatrice H.; Gao, Feng.; Swanstrom, Ronald.; Morris, Lynn.; Montefiori, David C.; Williamson, Carolyn. (Public Library of Science., 2016)
      Abstract available in PDF file.
    • Quantitating the multiplicity of infection with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype C reveals a non-poisson distribution of transmitted variants. 

      Abrahams, Melissa-Rose.; Anderson, Jeffrey A.; Giorgi, Elena E.; Seoighe, Cathal.; Mlisana, Koleka Patience.; Liu, Pinghuang.; Athreya, G. S.; Treurnicht, Florette K.; Keele, Brandon F.; Wood, N.; Salazar-Gonzalez, Jesus F.; Bhattacharya, T.; Chu, Haitao.; Hoffman, Irving F.; Galvin, S.; Mapanje, Clement.; Kazembe, P.; Thebus, Ruwayhida.; Fiscus, Susan.; Hide, Winston.; Cohen, Myron.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Haynes, Barton F.; Shaw, George M.; Hahn, Beatrice H.; Korber, Bette T.; Swanstrom, Ronald.; Williamson, Carolyn. (American Society for Microbiology., 2008)
      Identifying the specific genetic characteristics of successfully transmitted variants may prove central to the development of effective vaccine and microbicide interventions. Although human immunodeficiency virus transmission ...
    • Rapid, complex adaption of transmitted HIV-1 full-length genomes in subtype C-infected individuals with differing disease progression. 

      Abrahams, Melissa-Rose.; Treurnicht, Florette K.; Ngandu, Nobubelo K.; Goodier, Sarah A.; Marais, Jinny C.; Bredell, Helba.; Thebus, Ruwayhida.; de Assis Rosa, Debra.; Seoighe, Cathal.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Gray, Clive M.; Williamson, Carolyn.; Mlisana, Koleka Patience. (Wolters Kluwer Health., 2013)
      Objective(s): There is limited information on full-length genome sequences and the early evolution of transmitted HIV-1 subtype C viruses, which constitute the majority of viruses spread in Africa. The purpose of this ...