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    • Initial B-Cell responses to transmitted human immunodeficiency virus type 1: virion-binding immunoglobulin M (IgM) and IgG antibodies followed by plasma anti-gp41 antibodies with ineffective control of initial viremia. 

      Tomaras, Georgia D.; Yates, Nicole L.; Liu, Pinghuang.; Qin, Li.; Fouda, Genevieve G.; Chavez, Leslie L.; Decamp, Allan C.; Parks, Robert J.; Ashley, Vicki C.; Lucas, Judith T.; Cohen, Myron.; Eron, Joseph.; Hick, Charles B.; Liao, Hua-Xin.; Self, Steven G.; Landucci, Gary.; Forthal, Donald N.; Weinhold, Kent J.; Keele, Brandon F.; Hahn, Beatrice H.; Greenberg, Michael L.; Morris, Lynn.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Blattner, William A.; Montefiori, David C.; Shaw, George M.; Perelson, Alan S.; Haynes, Barton F. (American Society for Microbiology., 2008)
      A window of opportunity for immune responses to extinguish human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) exists from the moment of transmission through establishment of the latent pool of HIV-1-infected cells. A critical ...
    • Vertical T cell immunodominance and epitope entropy determine HIV-1 escape. 

      Liu, Michael K. P.; Hawkins, Natalie.; Ritchie, Adam J.; Ganusov, Vitaly.; Whale, Victoria.; Brackenridge, Simon.; Li, Hui.; Pavlicek, Jeffrey W.; Cai, Fangping.; Abrahams, Melissa-Rose.; Treurnicht, Florette K.; Hraber, Peter.; Riou, Catherine.; Gray, Clive M.; Ferrari, Guido.; Tanner, Rachel.; Ping, Li-Hua.; Anderson, Jeffrey A.; Swanstrom, Ronald.; Cohen, Myron.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Haynes, Barton F.; Borrow, Persephone.; Perelson, Alan S.; Shaw, George M.; Hahn, Beatrice H.; Williamson, Carolyn.; Korber, Bette T.; Gao, Feng.; Self, Steven G.; McMichael, Andrew.; Goonetilleke, Nilu. (American Society for Clinical Investigation., 2012)
      HIV-1 accumulates mutations in and around reactive epitopes to escape recognition and killing by CD8+ T cells. Measurements of HIV-1 time to escape should therefore provide information on which parameters are most important ...